Hiking Tour to Mussa ka Mussala.

Musa ka Musalla peak stands at an altitude of 4050 meters at the junction of Siran and Kaghan valleys.it is the very beautiful valley in another words a heaven on earth.
Before going to details of this tour we are going to see where the Mussa ka Mussala on Google Map.

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The name translates to Moses’ Mat which has different stories associated with it. While some believe it to be named after a local shepherd with the name of Musa who used to pray at the peak here, On a clear day, the summit offers exciting panoramic views of the entire area and surroundings.Its a very beautiful hiking spot and life time experience. This hiking tour is an extravaganza of nature painted with crystal clear streams, flowering meadows, cascading glaciers and dense forest.

Village Manda Gucha Mansehra
It is village name MUNDA GUCHA where we started our journey for very beautiful Mussa ka Mussala. The road from Shankiari ends here.

Accommodation is a difficult question in this area. It is the total natural area where you cannot find luxurious hotels. In the beginning of trek you can find some Food points where locals eat food if you want you can stay there for night on hard benches. most fit option is your Tents, camps.you have to come in this area with camps for night stay so camping is the best option.

As discussed earlier you can find some food point in beggining of trek near village called Munda Gucha and Hadhur(A place name) after that you have to arrange all food. you should take good amount of food.
A rare memory (water was too much cold)
Me with great traveling friends.                                                                                                                          

The frugal travelers are going for summit of Mussa ka Mussala.though it was tough hiking + trekking for me as it was my trip , and now i forget all tiredness, weakness and just remember beautiful sceneries of a heaven on earth. may be i will never get chance to go there again but i will always remember the beauty of this valley. 

Let discuss the rout detail for Mussa ka Mussala Peak.
The rout for Mussa ka Mussala?
Lahore to Mansehra
Mansehta to Shankiari
Shankiari to Munda Gucha (Village)
From Munda Gucha all trekking+hiking till Mussa ka Mussala peak.
below we will discus about the all expected expenditure for this trip.

On the way to Mussa ka Musala
its was unique experience while you find this type of ways during trekking.it was really very cold water even it was the month of june.it was hard to keep your foot for some
time in this very cold water.
Adhur Siran Valley (Mansehra)
our camps on the roof of nomads which they uses during su
our first day camping site.it was a house of nomads where they live in summer and in winter they go down because on upper side there a lot of snow.   
Gali Siraan Valley (A name of local place)
We had freezing cold river; trek along the river, fields, the beautiful moon, hanging bridges, thick Forest, water streams, beautiful horses, cows, rain storm, hiding in the camp in storm, camp destroyed, shelter in a cows barn, bonfire, Sheesha, refuge in mosque, light snow fall, amazing valley, asking for food from local people, a great hike and amazing view & the ultimate survival in the rain storm through the jungle.

Horses at their best home.


Finally i reached at Gali (A local place name) which is near to Mussa ka Mussala peak but this time was to rest and spend night on mountain. whole group were tired but some my friends gathered and enjoy the beautiful of weather.
Mussa ka Mussala Peak.  
The summit of Mussa ka Mussala offers beautiful and very mesmerizing sceneries and memories for lifetime.

we are group of 17 and this tour cost for us 5500 PKR each.

This tour can be done in 3 nights and 4 days.

you can setup your budget for this Hiking trip.

Lahore to Mansehra               450 to 650 PKR   depend on vehicle non Ac or AC
Mansehra to Shankiari            30 PKR
Shankiari to Manda Gucha      80
Porter+Guide                        500 PKR/day
Food                                    200/ day.  you can find some dhaba type hotels in beginning.
Night stay                             Camps.    you can find some dhaba type hotels in beginning for  
                                            staying  but you need to stay one or two days in camps.  


  1. Good Details for This Hiking Tour.

  2. would love to scale this mountain..hope to visit Pakistan soon.

    1. Nomadic Guy you are most welcome here in Pakistan. its a dream place for hikers and explorers.