Biran Gali to Nathia Gali Tour.

This is one of the most finest and beautiful trek in the whole GALIYAT region. Trek passes through thick pine forest over lush green bed of grass. Charming and sweet voices of beautiful birds , roaring streams and few patches of snow will make the whole scene mesmerizing and unforgettable.

We started our trek from a small village name “BIRAN GALI” and end up in “NATHIAGALI” after crossing a 2890 M ( 9879 Feet ) high peak Miranjani.

The plane was. 
Friday: Leave Lahore in evening.
Saturday : Reach Thandiani. Jeep drive till Biran Gali. Start Trekking and camp at Dagri ( 15-16 KM Trek or 7-8 Hours )

Sunday : Start trekking and reach Nathiagali after crossing Mirajani Peak Top ( 12-13 KM or 4-5 Hours ). Back to Lahore till late night. 

Me at Dagri Bangla(First night camp site)
Lets discuss about rout for this Hiking Tour.
if you are coming from any part of the country your first stop will be Abbatabad city. Then you will move to Harnoi bazaar and take a jeep. and then totally hiking and trekking till Miranjani top and after this to Nathiagali. it is finest trek which is very easily done by anybody nothing required instead of personal stamina.

Lahore  to  Abbatabbad
Abbatabad  to  Harnoi Bazaar
Harnoi Bazaar  to  Biran Gali (Geep Track)
Biran Gali  to  Nathiagali 
we came at Harnoi Bazaar from Abbotabbad by our own Hi Roof Van.and now we were in Harnoi Bazaar.and the next destination was Biran Gali so we hired jeep to reach there. The unforgetable journey of jeeps was really a great journey. its continued for near about 2 hour and that was most enjoyable moments of tour
Enjoying whole way on the roof of Jeep.

After unforgetable Jeeps journey we had to rearranged our backpack and this was time for trekking and hiking. so it was very start of trak for Biran Gali jungle.

Now we moved for our next destination name Dagri was a forest rest house where forest officers came for research we planned to reach there because it was safe camping point.
 and it was trekking and hiking of near about 7 to 8 hours. Group of Frugal Travellers ..

After trekking and hiking of 8 
hours we reached at Dagri Bangla and all were thirsty and wanted Dinner immediately.
and what happened there was. no water there for cook the food for whole frugal travelers. Ahhh.
and it was most dispointing moment.
However after really tough trekking and hiking our group leader Omar had been successful to find water from somewhere.
we had dinner at 11pm and after this whole group were in there camps because everyone so much tired after trekking and hiking.
Dagri Bangla (Preferable camping site)

Frugal Travelers were waiting for their Dinner
we all were waiting for dinner our lead man who arranged this tour was successful to took two cooks with their all luggage to feed 37 person on this hiking tour. but unfortunately dinner was too much late every one was hunger. finally at 11pm we took our dinner. 

Accommodation.  There is no hotels it is a camping tour and for accomodation we need our own camps. 

Food. because it is a hiking tour therefore we have to arrange all food and day packs for hiking tour.

after giving feed our belly we enjoyed smoking. lets imagine its 1 am at the peak of Hill and you are with your friends and like minded persons and that we were having shisha smoking in cool breez and very beautiful environment.

Amazing ' Amazing' Amazing


Now next day we moved for next destination the Miranjani Top (Miranjani is the name of Mountain peak  that is highest peak in the whole area).so now we started again trekking and hiking for Miranjani Top.
I am fond of Mountains and Hiking tours and this was my second Hiking tour and i was afraid when i decided to go for hiking tour. because the previous experience was not good for me i was extremely tired after trek and sick but i forgot all tiredness but remember the beauty and sceneries. so i told myself why not take a test of physical fitness the end all was happen very good and i enjoyed every moment of this tour.

Whole group were enjoying every moment
Mr.Javaid (Born to travel)
Javaid is our traveling partner and very good person and friend also. he is born to travel. he tell us i told my wife on first night of wedding if you will stopping me to travel then i would prefer divorce.

Miranjani Hill. Top point of the whole area.

Finally we reach on Top of Miranjani Hill.

So How much the cost for this Tour for all of our Group? 
we done this tour very cheap .we hired our own Bus we had to contribute just 3800 Pkr each for this tour and i think it was most economical and most frugal trip.

you can also setup your budget.

lahore to Abbottabad           450 To 700 PKR depend on vehicle Ac/nonAc
Abbottabad to Harnoi Bazaar       100 to 300 PKR Depend on Vehicle

Harnoi Bazaar to Biran Gali By Jeep      300/Person

Nathigali to Lahore                 600 to 800 PKR

Share your thoughts. Comments and Suggestion are most welcome.


  1. ITs the trek for those who want to enter into the trekking world. lovely track

  2. but total budget to bataya ni aap nay

    1. atd to birangali ana jana per head 500....
      baqi khana peena khud hisab laga lain.......
      aur gada/khacher hire karna chahyen to andazan 500 per day...