Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake
Dudipatsar Lake is very stunning, eye catching and beautiful which is among the most beautiful lakes of Naran, Kahgan Valley Pakistan. it is situated in the north of the Kaghan Valley in District Mansehra. Mansehra is city of Khyber Pakhtun Khawa Province Pakistan. Dudipatsar lake offers amazing and unbelievable views which cannot be forgotten. The lake water is greenish and extremely cold. The lake is at an elavation of 12500 feet. 

if any one goes for Dudipatsar lake it is not only a one destination that is worth to see. The path that
is used for Dudipatsar Lake is also very memorable and scenic. so the whole path that end up at Mula ki basti(A local place name) and Dudipatsar lake is very beautiful and memorable. Beautiful Mountains , snow patches, little streams, and everywhere greenery will mesmerize you whole way.

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This time the members were 7 for Dudipatsar lake Hiking tour. And the plan was
Day 1          Travel in night from Lahore and reach Mansehra
Day 2          Move to Naran and night stay at Naran
Day 3          Reach Basel by Jeep then trekking to Mula ki Basti(Place name) 
                   and night stay there.    
Day 4          Reach Dudipatsar Lake and trek back to Basel and then Naran by jeep
Day 5          Travel back to Lahore from Naran by bus.

How to reach

If You are coming from any part of the country your first stop should be Mansehra because its a big bus terminal and every kind of buses, vans, and jeeps available for any destination. Then move to Naran.  Vans are cheapest way of traveling. From naran hire a jeep for Basel.its a name of local place. Basel to Dudipatsar is accessible only by trekking and hiking. Jeeps cannot reach there. Basel to Mula ki Basti(A local place name) takes approximately 4 to 5 hours and then  2 to 3 hours trekking for Dudipatsar lake. But it is better to stay one night at Mula ki basti and next day visit Dudipatsar lake and trek back to Basel.

Transportation cost
Various kind of buses, vans available in Lahore for Mansehra city. Fare price is 450 to 750PKR depend on AC/Non AC. And for Naran vans available at Mansehra Bus Terminal which takes 250PKR for each. You can also hire a jeep or cab for Naran in 2400PKR Approximately. If you are 5 to 7 persons then jeep or private cab is advisable. For Naran to Behsil you have to hire a jeep from Naran which takes 5000 to 6000 for Besil and then back to Naran. Transportation cost can vary from time to time its totally depend on season, rush of people and weather. its very hard to find correct amount of fares.

A lot of hotels available in Naran luxury hotels, budged hotels, low price hotels, and tents also. Price range from 300 to 4000PKR. Tents are the cheapest way for night staying. If any one want to stay at mula ki basti tents are available on rent. The price of tent is approximately 1300PKR and 7 to 8 persons can stay in it. 

A variety of food available in Naran. There are a lot of restaurants. Food price is 100PKR to 300PKR for one person. At Besil and Mula ki basti food choice is not available. But you can eat here local food and prices of food is high. A boiled egg price can be 45PKR.

only one option to cross this.

This time the group of wanderers were seven. Total cost of the tour is 35000PKR. if we divide on each person. each had to pay 5000PKR for this amazing and life time experience tour.


  1. Dudipatsar is really amazing to explore and it has great and unbeleiveable beauty. i will keep it in my upcoming tours.

  2. Zahid bhai we are planning of camping at jheel and mulla ki basti a night each, what food items and utensils should we have and is cooking feasible at jheel?