Culture and Traditions of Pakistan

Pakistan is vey rich and vast in culture and traditions. Culture, customs and traditions of Pakistan comprises a lot of cultures and groups. Being a historical country which dates back to thousand of years Pakistan has adopted many cultures and traditions from time to time.
even many tribe can be seen in tribal areas where life is same like hundred year before. But in cities people are going with modern age and technology.
Pakistan has 4 major provinces Punjab, Sindh, North west frontier Province and Balochistan. Culture, traditions, and way of life is greatly differ in all regions and provinces. Eating habits, marriage customs, way of life, following stricly Islam Religion, social priorities and many things differ in each province and region there are many shades of life.
If I honestly tell. The culture and traditions of Pakistan and india always surprises me. I have never been to india but I know a lot about India through media, news and websites and I know that it is same like my country as we have been living together for many years and we have many same culture and tradition .
I wish one day I will be able to
visit multicultural india. Both countries are very rich in culture and
traditions. Different cultures and traditions can be seen after every
kilometer, every corner.
Culture and traditions change place to place. Basically pakistan
is muslim country and islam is mostly followed religion through out
the country.
Wearing of jeans by girls, boy and girls friendship, hugging, parties,
hanging out with friends, girls jobs and  drinking is may preferable in rich
families in big cities.
On the other hand the same things can be considered very
bad and radiculas in middle class families.

Pakisatanis are big friend of oil and chilies in their food. Eating habits and way of making dishes differ from region to region. The daily meal of a Pakistani is Chapati or Roti made from flour which is served with any vegitable or meat. Lassi is usual drink made from yogurt by mixing water or milk. It is favourite amonge local as breakfast. It is usually likable act to eat desert after the dinner, that can be kheer (made by mixing and boiling rice and milk), sweet rice, Dates, or any sweet. Rice is favourite dish by ladies through out the country however it is also liked by men. Mithai (Made by corn flour, sugar and milk) is very famous among locals and widely used to give each other as gift on festivals, marriages and other occasions.
Junk and fast food is very popular in cities. People like to go in McDolnalds, KFC, Pizza Huts, and in restaurents.
In north people like to eat meat as barbecu and with out pepper and chilie. in south people like chicken and beaf but with a lot of oil and chilies.
However people also like traditional foods like samosay, Pakoray, Kachori, halva porhi that’s all food items are too much spicy and oily. Tea with milk is very famous among the locals. In other word essential twice or many times in a day.

Dresses of  country show the culture, traditions, aspiration, religion.
Pakistani dress is mainly consisit of Shalwar and kameez for both men and women but in case of  women add a dupatta(A long cloth for covering head and body). Shalwar(A loose trouser) and Kameez(long shirt) is widely used in Pakistan may be because of extreme hot weather during summer. However in cities Pant shirt, paint coat and many western stylish brands are used by locals. In offices paint shirt is prefered and jeans is famous among youngster.
Dress is varies region to region. It is depend on weather, area, city or village. Dhoti (A soft long piece of a cloth) bind around the waist till the ankles. It is widely used in villages of punjab and Dhoti is used by women in sindh province.
Following the Islamic religion women cover their head and Upper body over the dress by wearing Dupatta/Chaddar (A long piece of cloth). Its keep save them from cool weather. Similarly men also use Chaddar to protect them from cold weather in winter. Particularly Chaddar is widely used in North west province.
Pakistani dress is colorful especially on weddings, ceremonies where women wears matching ornaments with dresses. Kalash people save their unique tradition and dresses from hundred year. A tribe in chitral near Afghanistan border. They are famous through out the country for their unique colour full dresses, dresses and ornaments.
In rural areas the turban is sign of respect. Big turbans on men head can be seen during special events, marriages and on social meetings.
Now world has become global village. In Pakistan there is great influence of western culture. Now a days girls wears jeans and t-shirts in cities and youngster like to see as westerners.

Urdu and Punjabi language is widely spoken. in big cities there are a lot of English speakers. English language preferred officially but don't expect every one can understand English language even in a big cities you can caught in trouble while talking with Rickshaw, Van, Bus drivers or a while shopping with a sales man.  

Islam is main religion in Pakistan. however a very little number of person also exist in Pakistan who followed other religions.

Marriage traditions
In Pakistan marriages celebrated with very zeal and happiness. it is considered very important occasion by whole family members. It would be more correct to say that marriages are not between couples but a long relation of two families.
Normally marriages are arranged by parents and elders. They choose life partners for their children for whole life. It is tradition and most of people happy by their parents and elders decision even they did not ever meet each other. In most cases couples meet for the first time on their wedding day. Some people like love marriages and choose their life partner which is allowed. Divorse rate is very low here. 
Pakistani wedding consist of normally 3 days ceremony but this period, customs and traditions vary place to place.
  1. Mehandi (Hina Party)
  2. Barat (Nikah Nama)
  3. Walima

Mehandi (Hina Party)
It is first ceremony of wedding which is very coulorful. Hina is applaid on the hand of bride and groom by friends and relatives. It is custom to wear yellow clothes. Women wear specially yellow suits with beautiful ornaments. The friends and family member dance at Dhool (Drum) and on local music.

Barat (Nikah Nama)
It is tradition groom reach at bride home with their whole family and relatives that personscan be 150 to 500 and then Nikah (The islamic marriage contract Papers) signed by both the partners in the presence of both family members and relatives. After Nikah sweets distributed and then a wonderful lunch or dinner which is arranged by bride family. Bride usually in a red dress with lot of jewellery and groon is in Sherwani dress or paint coat.

Walima ceremony
It is 3rd day ceremony. A dinner or lunch is arranged by groom family. It is called Walima ceremony. Basically it is arranged to introduce the bride to groom family and friends. 

Music and Dance
People of Pakistan like to enjoy music and dance. Every province, region has its unique taste of music. Elders like to hear Qawwali and Naats(Traditional style) and old indian songs. Bollywood songs and hollywood songs are popular among the new generation.
Dances are very popular through out the country in different shapes. But that dances are not like we see in Bollywood or english songs. Pakistanies show their hapiness in different ways for example Hey Jamalo (A triditional dance) in Sindh province,
Luddi and Bhangra at the Beat of Dhool(Drum) in Punjab, Khatak Dance popular in North west frontier province,

Social system/ Family Structure
Old people and elders are given honour and respect in Pakistani culture. In a family elders have right to take any decision for childrens. Mostly people follow islamic traditions. Hugging or hand shaking with girls is not considered good particularly with a stranger.
Most families lives together whole life in one house even after the marriage of son. When parents reach old age and don’t able to work or beer their expences it is the top responsibility of children to  take care of parents as obligatory in Islamic religion. 

National sport of Pakistan is Hockey but cricket is most popular sport throughout the country.
Kabbadi and Kushti(Wrestling type game), horse riding. Polo and swimming are also widely played all over Pakistan.


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