About me (Da Frugaler)

I'm Zahid from Lahore Pakistan!! Full of Surprises Country!! (I'm dying to see your every corner)

For me Travel is life line. Exploring new places, life in dirty streets, cultures, Traditions, people give me more pleasure than a luxurious car, big house and fashion clothes!!

Solo traveling is mine favourite! because may be a lot of things in travel disgusting for you but for me adventure!!

I also help others to Travel & explore by my blogs, guides and tips!

I'm Frugal traveler who spend very less on travels!! Travel is not expensive so dont stop & Keep exploring.
(My style) Travel like a donkey Enjoy like a king!!

Professionally i belong to Electrical Technology and having good job in same field!! But Nature, people, cultures giving me more pleasure than playing with Machines........

I am Married and have one Naughty baby boy................................

I like mini adventures!! Rough tours where no restriction of ways, nights or days. Travel on nights or sleeps in day...... i love streets , villages, cities, Deserts ,people, sea, hill stations everything that on earth.

Diverse cultures always attracts me.

(The world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page)

 visit many cities of Pakistan and i am crazy for traveling!!  i know that whenever someone planes traveling or tours its required a lot of information. for example how much time required for this tour? what would be the budget?
what precautions? what is the rout? etc etc

so i here is my blogs where i also mention prices, conditions etc so that everyone take benefits from my travelogs.   

Well i have Facebook & Twitter Pages!

 if any body have any question regarding Tours planning, Costs or anything? Feel free to ask on my pages!! here is links

Message for my Nation!!

Love your Country! Believe me you dont know wat we hav..........

Dont measured success by money!! create something which create something for you and your land!
Now world global village.... if you have something special talent..... follow it ..someday you will be something....

just think ..... you come here just for 3 times meal and endless desires of your familiessssssss...??

Just set goal of your life today....... Then follow your path... Do something which give you pleasure.. dont do anything which is just for pay after one month..... Dont waste your time! work hard.... And earn respect...... 

As iqbal said....
Nahe tera Nasheman Qasre Sultani ke Gunbad par
Tu shaheen hai Baseera kar Paharhoo ki Chitano par......

And think in Religion Islam also money has no Value........ So why you taking hard world.?

ترے دريا ميں طوفاں کيوں نہيں ہے خودی تيری مسلماں کيوں نہيں ہے عبث ہے شکوئہ تقدير يزداں تو خود تقدير يزداں کيوں نہيں ہے؟

Message for foreigner!!
Please respect other cultures backgrounds and living styles.
Treating people with respect makes your world a nicer place to live in, whether it's at home, at school, or out in your community or in other country.

We live in a diverse nation made up of many different cultures, languages, races, and backgrounds. That kind of variety can make all our lives a lot more interesting,

 Thanks for your Time
Zahid Munir


  1. I am a med student from Lahore...planning a overland tour to iran

  2. Thats great!! if you can manage to visit Iran........... its amazing Furqan..... Enjoy Diversity....