Hiking tour Nathiagali to Miranjani Top.

Nathiagali, an heaven on earth is known for its scenic beauty,  It is situated only 35 Km drive away from both Murree and Abbottabad.
A Picturesque Town of Pakistan Nathiagali is the most picturesque hill station in the Pakistan.
From Nathiagali to Miranjani(2960 meters high) is a track of near about 10km ascend and 10km for back. its a one day track which is very beautiful. its a jungle track.

The real enthusiasts can walk up a track starting from the Governor’s House to the top of Miranjani Hill (2960 meters high), a beautiful trek that takes 6 to 7 hours both ways.
Nathiagali is home to all major wildlife; various species of birds, animals. Monkeys often come up to hotels, restaurants and guesthouses  in search of food and they are very common in Nathiagali.

The most amazing thing is that during the track in summer and winter i did not see any monkey but in nathiagali bazaar in search of food.

Best Time to vistit
May to August.
however anyone can visit Nathiagali throughout the year. Almost road are also open in winter.

Everything freeze in Nathiagali

Travel buddies

 What you need to know
This is almost a two days trip.
Lahore to Abbotabad    450 or 800Rs depend on vehicle
Abbotabad to Nathiagali       100Rs
Guide Fees for track            1000 may be 2000Rs
Restaurant and hotels available in Nathiagali.


Lahore to Murree            800
Murree to Nathiagali        100 or hire a taxi in 1500 or 1000Rs

Miranjani Top

I am Tired

Whole gang at Miranjani Top
 ITs funny why its called Miranjani
i asked a this question to lot of persons but nobody knows that. However everybody seems that its a romantic name which is not true. Actually there were brother and sister. Sister name Mir and brother name jani so its place name Miranjani.

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