Day 3: Babusar Top

This is part 3 of 3 of Shogran, Naran Kaghan Tour
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Babusar Top and Lulusar Lake

its a dream journey to unbelieveable beauty instead of a destination. Lulasar lake is in the way of Babusar top and babusar top is a highest point in Kaghan valley.
Taking picture from inside of Jeep

Aftere spending 2 days my next destination was Lalusar Lake and Babusar top. Lulusar lake is popular tourist attraction in Kaghan valley. Lulusar Lake is at 3,410 m height and it is the primary headwaters of the Kunhar River. It flows in whole Kaghan Valley and the Naran Valley, passing Jalkhad, Kaghan, Paras and then Balakot city. it is in the way of Babusar top. Babusar Top is only a very beautiful journey instead of a destination. it is the highest point in Kaghan valley. When I awoke early in the morning near about 6:30am i saw some boys were doing bargaining with driver of jeep for lalusar lake and babusar Top. I told them I want to join your group and I will contribute for jeep ride with all of you after some time thinking they agreed and now I was again with strangers in stranger land but I think my personality is friendly so I did not feel any hesitation and after some time we all are just like a good friend they all were great.

I could hire a whole jeep for me but why I increase my travelling budget so I decided to go on lulusar lake and babusar top with strangers. Sometime on road you meet really a great and dynamic persons but your time is very limited with them.

Fortunately I was on front seat of Jeep and I had talked a lot about valley , living style and on much more topics with driver.

God is great.
Driver was also a generous and kind person. I enjoyed his company. Babusar top is a very beautiful journey till peak . you will see everywhere greenery, beautiful mountains, streams, and glaciers. and scenery you will never forget whole life. After the journey of near about 2.5 hours we reached at lulusar lake which is worth to see. Further the condition of road is very bad but sceneries are very beautiful. After 5 hours we reached at Babusar Top.

How to reach here
From Naran you can hire a whole jeep for Babusar top and lalusar Lake in 6000 PKR to 7000PKR. You cannot find  any hotels here it’s a one day journey and then back to Naran. I see some tents on Babusar top which is available for night stay but mostly people go back to Naran.
You can find some mini hotels in the beginning of journey where you can eat.  But there is not many you should take some eatables from Naran or eat food in begging of journey.

Beautiful Sceneries while journey to Babusar Top

Unforgettable Scenes

wonder how nomads live there.

This is tradition Hat which is widely used in NWFP province.

I was taking pictures from Jeep.

A child of Mountains

All guys were great. i joined them for babusar top and lulusar lake so that my jeep rent can be distributed and reduce my travelling budget. some time we meet very good people on road but for very short time.

Lulusar Lake

Bundle of Thanks God for giving me a chance to Visit this.

 At Babusar Top

The cost of Day 3

Food + Tea+ eatables              160                                      
Jeep fare for Babusar top         800
and then back to Naran    
Naran to Mansehra                   250
Mansehra to Rawalpindi           200
Pindi to Lahore                         500

Total                                          1910

And the total cost of this trip is 5440 PKR.


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