Tour to Green world

i often think deeply nobody pays even a single penny but we all love to see it. we feel pleasure and comfort whenever we go. we love to be a part of. 

yes i m saying about villages where we go to be a part of Green world. Villages pollution free and quiet where air is always fresh. 

I am not just fond of Mountains or big cities with beautiful and great infrastructures. I always love to go in villages. 

Nobody pays even a single penny but when Creator paint its earth with a green color then nothing beautiful. of course it is the output of really very hard work of farmers. As you are in village you are in another world where people seems simple having very simple life style and very very hard worker.

Me at Kot rada kishan village

Here i want to appreciate farmers who gave us food after really really hard working.

They make their piece of earth most beautiful piece of earth. well i have dream if God give me chance and money sure i will purchase a house in village where i will go for my weekend holiday or monthly holiday.

i have visited a lot of villages in Pakistan and i always appreciate their simple living style and hard working. 

A small and simple house of Pakistani Villager.
Younas (My best friend)

Me and Ali(Best friend and travel partner)

Villagers beds in open air.

Life style in Pakistan Villages
life of Pakistani villagers is very simple and starts as Sun open its eyes. They just have a rough large house with numerous crops and live stock. The livestock include goats, cows, buffaloes, and some have horses. As they like simple living their food is also very simple. They used milk, yogurt and vegetables in their meals. They are far from Pizzaz, pastas, burger and lot of things which are mostly used in cities.

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