Day:1 Shogran, Naran

This is part 1 of 3 of Shogran, Naran kaghan Tour

n, kaghan, Shogran is very famous touristic point in Pakistan even someone encountered in a problem of unavailability of hotels for staying in peak season. Actually Naran is a town of Kaghan Valley, Mansehra  NWFP Province Pakistan. Mostly people stay here for going to famous spots like Lake Saif-ul-Malook and Lalazar, Lalusar Lake, and Babusar Top. Naran Valley is very beautiful. Kunhar river flows along the whole valley which offers most amazing sceneries.I have been wishing for a long time to visit Naran Kaghan even I have visited many remote areas of very beautiful NWFP province. Last week I decided to visit Shogran, Naran Kaghan. I could skip SHOGRAN as it is in the way of Naran But it also a very beautiful place I don’t want to missed it. However I started my journey on Saturday 30 june 2012 for Shogran, Naran Kaghan.  

The plane was
30 june 2012     start journey in night and reach Shogran till 10 am.
1  July 2012       Explore Shogran, Sri and Paye and then move to Naran for night stay
2  July 2012       Full day for Lake Saiful Malook 
3  July 2012       Visit Babusar Top and Lulusar Lake
4  July 2012       back to home.

Bus Terminal at Mansehra NWFP Province
I had started my journey from Lahore at 7:00pm. My first destination was Shogran so I took a bus for Mansehra from Lahore Niazi Bus station. Their services of buses is very good and comfortable. However next morning I was at Mansehra 6:30am and ready to heading next destination. Frugality while travelling is not very easy sometime you have to do a lot for budget travelling.
There was no vans or buses for KIWAI. There were some vans but the problem is that there is rule when whole seat of van filled with passenger then they depart. Ohh. I had plane to reach Shogran till 9:00am. There was one option to hire a private cab or taxi to reach there but it will increase my budget. i came on first option and waited for near about 1.5 hours. During that time I went to a local hotel for breakfast and took some eatables as I heard the eatables in Shogran is very expensive. Finally the whole van filled with passengers and I headed to Kiwai.

How to reach here

any one can reach here from any part of the country Mansehra city is base point. suppose you are coming from Karachi or Islamabad, Multan just arrive here in Mansehra and head to any destination. i suggest Mansehra city because its a big bus terminal where you can hire any type of vehicle.

My rout was
Lahore to Mansehra      8 Hours
Mansehra to Kiwai         2 Hours Approximately
Kiwai to Shogran          1 hour Jeep or Cab track
Shogran to Sri Paye     1.5 Hours Jeep Track
Kiwai (if you want to go Shogran you have to stop here)
Kiwai is mid point for Shogran and Naran. you can turn for Shogran or head to Naran. So I stoped at Kiwai for next destination Shogran. From Kiwai any one can hire a Jeep to reach Shogran and then Sri and Paye as it is rough track. Jeep cost was same for one person or 6 person so I gathered 4 person more to reduce the cost of Jeep travel. If I hired whole jeep sure it would increase my budget. so I saved a lot.

Jeep were heading to Shogran
There are many Hotels where you can stay. It is hard to show the rate of Hotels its totally depend on season, rush of people, weather etc. I heard from a friend that he stayed in Pine Park Hotel for 500 per day in winter and the rate of this hotel in summer 10000PKR approximately. so you should good at bargaining.  you can find hotels from 3000 to 15000 PKR.
Jeeps are commonly use here so you have to hire a jeep for getting around. A Jeep can be hired for 3500PKR for kiwai to Shogran and Sri Paye. Or 2000PKR from Shogran to Sri Paye and then back to shogran. 6 to 7 persons can easily sits in Jeep.
I did not see many restaurants in this area however you can find many shops where you can buy eatables. So there is only 5 to 6 good restaurants. One time food cost can be 200PKR to 800PKR.

Money Saving tips
Try to don’t buy any food item or eatables from Shogran or Sri paye because the food prices are very high in this area. Can you imagine a 1.5 letter bottle of Pepsi is for 120 PKR which you can buy from markets in 70 PKR.
You have to hire a jeep for getting around If you are 1 or 2 persons then gather 5 to 6 person so that your fare of jeep distributed on each person.
Hotels rates are expensive here after spending a day  you can go to Kaghan or Naran so that you can find good economical hotel.

Finally after near about 1 and hour i was at  Shogran it was very scenic point. i sat here for some time and see the natural beauty which is unforgettable. Thank God for giving me the chance to see your unbelievable beauty.  my next destination was Sri and Paye. it is Located 6 kms away from the popular tourist destination Shogran. Its lush green meadows with the surrounding snow-covered peaks makes it one of the most popular tourist destination. so its again time to hire a jeep for Sri and Paye. so after near about 1 hour i was able to find guys who were also going to Sri and Paye i told them i can contribute join me for Sri and Paye. and the answer was yes. so my journey started on jeep for Sri and Paye meadows.

Heading to Sri and Paye Meadows

In the way of Sri and Paye meadows there was really very beautiful sceniries, greenery everywhere and snow covered mountains which you cannot forget whole life as i heard a lot about Shogran, Sri and paye and now i was seeing with my eyes. its really worth to see. i was talking with driver about local culture heritage and much more about life.

while going to Sri Paye driver told its Malka parbat peak. and i told to driver i dont know but its very beautiful.

After 2 hour Jeeps took us at the Paye meadows. Paye meadows located at the height of10,500 feet its really beautiful with full of lush green grounds and then very beautiful the views of Makra peak.Paye meadows includes one of the most beautiful places in Kaghan valley. there was small shops where we ate food but at very expensive rate.

Paye Meadows

Me at Paye.
it is also very favourable place by Families.

In the background you can see the beautiful Makra Peak

Total Cost of the first day
Lahore to Mansehra         750
Mansehra to Kiwai           130
Kiwai to Shogran              150
Shogran to Sri and Paye  500
Shogran to Kaghan           140
3 Time food + eatables      440
Night stay in Kaghan           500
Miscellaneous Expenses    80

Total                         2690

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