Kasur City: Lahore Neighbor is also awesome!!

It was planned short trip to Kasur. its long time i did not go to Kasur so i decided on Friday next day is Saturday and i will be able for short trip to Kasur.

This time me and my bike. no any travel campanion. i was a solo traveler again. Actually solo traveling is very strange thing in Pakistan because in my opinion there are no many people who love to exploring, tours and traveling and mostly go on different places just for fun with friends.

There is no concept of solo traveling. People loves their routine hells and do not like to leave their comforts. But i always love to explore other places and cultures.

A shop in Kasur (Salling Kasori Andarase)

Purpose of this short trip was to
  1. Going at the tomb of Bulleh shah.
  2. Visit the Kamal chishti tomb.
  3. Visit the old city buildings, Bazaars.
  4. Attending the flage lowering ceremony at Ganda singh border.

so now some words about Kasur city?

Kasur is one of the oldest city of Pakistan. it is also called the city of Baba Bulleh shah(A very famous saint). The tomb of Hazrat Baba Bulleh is here and every year a lot people gather here to celebrate the Urs which is traditional festival. It is famous for its very delicious sweets, Andrasaa and Dhoda, spicy fish.

Kasur the city of Bulleh shah is located near about 50 km southeast of Lahore. It is adjacent to the India Pakistan Border where flag lowering ceremony is very famous attraction of nearby surroundings.

i was on my bike and first stop at Laliani stream. because there was a funny scene and the view of this stream also great so i decided to stay here for some minutes.

Funny scene (A villager showering his son near stream)

i could see a lot of villages along the way because these villages are very near to city which is polluted full of noise and lot of people.

Villages very near to Lahore city.
Villages always attract me. see how peaceful environment in upper image.

no people no noise no pollution. Amazing"

as i wrote in my last blog Tour to green world. i always love villages and whenever i go there just thought. how beautiful how stunning. nobody pays even a single penny to make villages beautiful but how much attraction in them.

Ok fine i was moving on my bike with stunning sceneries of Mustard fields in villages. i stopped my bike at Kamal chishti tomb and spend some time there.

Kamal Chishti Saint Tomb

Kamal Chishti Saint graveyard

it was great experience to visit the tomb of kamal chishti (A famous saint). the tomb is in way to ganda singh border. After spending some time in tomb i decided to go ganda singh border for seeing the flag lower ceremony which is very famous particularly in weekend a lot people gather here to see flag lowering ceremong. Dil Dil Pakistan.

Flag lowering ceremony Ganda singh Border.

Dil Dil Pakistan.  Dil Dil Pakistan.
Jave Jave Pakistan. Jave Jave Pakistan. Jave Jave Pakistan. everywhere loudly crying Jave Jave Pakistan.

on last visit i was with my friend Tivador who is from Netherland. We together visited border flag lowering ceremony. people loudly crying Jave Jave Pakistan. Tivador also was crying Jave Jave Pakistan. At the end of ceremony Hey Zahid what is Jave Jave Pakistan?

i laughed. because he did not know Jave Jave Pakistan. But in whole ceremony he was crying. OK

i told him the meaning of Jave Jave Pakistan. Long live Pakistan. 

Famuos Ayoub Falooda shop Kasur.
Famous sweet in Kasur Falooda
After attending the flag lowering ceremony. i moved to inner city kasur where i visited the tomb of Baba Bulleh shah, nearby Bazaars, old city. i ate famous sweets of kasur Falooda and Andarase. which was very delicious and kept in my mind for next time visit.

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