Essential luggage for Tours

Which material should we use for tours? it is very important question before packing material for tours. we cannot ignore the importance of essential luggage during tours and traveling however it is totally depend on type of tour, Hiking tours, weather conditions where you want to go and the places e,g Mountains or modern cities, deserts.

Without proper luggage on tours you are just like a soldier who come in battle without gun. as i written in my blog what is backpacking i highly recommend don't go on tours with out proper luggage it can cause dangerous i give you a little example if you choose wrong shoes on hiking tour.The protection of your feet needs to be given top priority when hiking. Foot pain or discomfort can quickly take the fun out of hiking, and an injury could prevent you

from walking at all. you can slip and fall on steep rock without proper shoes while hiking that cause dangerous. 

Essential luggage for Hiking Tours.
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1 Rucksack (Backpack)
2 Sleeping Bag

3 Extra Trouser

4 Parka Suit or Water Proof Jacket and

5 Warm Jacket or Down Jacket
6 T-Shirt Full Sleaves

7 Thermal Suit or Warm high
neck + leggin

8 Warm Gloves 1 Pair

9 Socks 2 Pairs

10 Warm Wooles Cap

11 Sun Hat

12 Plastic Plate

13 Head Torch

14 Extra Cells 2 Pairs

15 Hiking Stick or Wooden Stick

16 Tissue Roll

17 Water Bottle

18 Lighter / Match Stick

19 Sandal / Chapal 1 Pair

20 Sun Block

21 Lip Salve

23 Knife

24 Trekking shoes

25 Tooth Brush and Paste

26 Soap

28 Gaiters

29 Plastic MUG

30 Table Spoon

31 Mattress

it is advisable when someone plan for tours he/she should get information on internet or from other sources for their destinations. weather is also a important factors while planning of tours. city, place, desert, hot, cold, average temperature all are the key factor for planning tours. whenever i go for city tours i do not take a lot of luggage as i took for hiking tours i don't need to make my bag heavy.

Essential luggage for Small Tours.

1 Traveling Bag

2 Extra Trouser

3 Warm Jacket

4 T-Shirt Full Sleaves

5 Warm Gloves 1 Pair

6 Socks 2 Pairs

7 Sun Hat

8 Water Bottle

9 Map, GPS Mobile, Google Maps on Mobile

(Very helpful during city tours or small tours)

10 Sandal / Chapal 1 Pair
11 Sun Block

12 Lip Salve

13 Knife
14 Soft shoes, Joggers

15 Tooth Brush and Paste
16 Soap

soon i will share information where we can purchase new, used or cheapest luggage.

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