Urs Celebration of Hazrat Bulleh shah

Every year large number of people gather in Kausor city which is very near Lahore Pakistan  from all over the country for celebrating Urs(Festival) of Hazrat Bulleh Shah. Urs celebration of Hazrat Bulleh shah is worth to see. It shows culture and traditions of Pakistan even many people who live in cities of Pakistan are unfamiliar with this unique culture and taste of celebration and this type of festivals shows that what our forefathers were and salute to those

 who keep alive this type of festivals.

Malangs Dancing to show their love with saint.
Before going details we discuss what is Urs ?
Actualy Urs is festival which is celebrated every year for those who were very near to God or the saints who had a great honor/ respect among the people. People celebrate their anniversaries to remember them always. Urs of the beloved of Allah is an Islamic function which is generally organized to commemorate the death anniversary of a (Wali) saint. To a Wali, death is the culmination of a life long yearning to meet Allah and his Prophet.
Annually on the day or month on which the Wali (Saint) parted from this world and entered into the hereafter, the mureed (followers) and general public gather at the gravesite where they recite Quran(The holy book of Muslims), Zikrallah and render all to the soul of the Saint. Some time a lecture is given by a Muslim scholar who discusses Quran verses and Ahadith relating to Prophet. The life of the (Wali) Saint is presented as an example for other Muslims to follow. People are  encouraged to emulate the Imaan, Piety(Taqwa), sacrifices and services of the Wali (Saint).

Who was Hazrat Bulleh Shah
Bulleh Shah (1680-1757) is the foremost Sufi poet of Punjab and holds manifold importance. In him the pantheism of Punjabi Sufism reached its apex.
Mir Bulleh Shah Qadiri Shatari, often referred to simply as Bulleh Shah (a shortened form of Abdullah Shah). His family was very religious and had a long tradition of association with Sufis. Bulleh Shah's father was especially known for his learning and devotion to God, raising both Bulleh Shah and his sister in a life of prayer and meditation. 
 Bulleh Shah himself became a respected scholar, but he longed for true inner realization. Against the objections of his peers, he became a disciple of Inayat Shah, a famous master of the Qadiri Sufi lineage, 

who ultimately guided his student to deep mystical awakening. Bulleh Shah is considered to be one of the greatest 

mystic poets of the Punjab region.
Bulleh Shah is very conscious of the differences and disputes between Hindus and Muslims and decries the persistence of both parties in their respective positions. 

His verses are very popular amoung the Punjabis. 
The reason evidently is his romatic defiance of the Muslim Sharia and an apparent condemnation of both Hindu and Muslim bigotry and ritual. His tomb in the Qasur region of Pakistan is greatly revered today.

Dhol (Drums to dance and enjoy the festival)
Grave of the Hazrat Bulleh Shah. 

Local style Rings for Men

Katlama (A local very spicy and oily Food)

I am very excited to reach there as it was my first visit of Urs celebration. When I was there a large rush of people and lovers of the Saint are there at shrine. I can see many people from different lifestyle and culture who came from all over the country. Women followers, carrying oil lamps in their hands because they believe that by this act God and saint will bless them. On the other hand a lot people were waiting to go to a room where saint buried for (dua) praying. A lot of Qawals (Spiritual singers) and Malangs were there to show there love to (Wali)saint.
People put a floral wreath on the shrine of the saint who distributed the message of love, brotherhood and peace to the humanity. Followers of the great saint were also giving donations at his shrine.
Some Qawals (Religious singers) sang the verses and poetry of Hazrat Bulleh Shah and Malangs were dancing at beat of drums.

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