Is it safe to travel in Pakistan.

Is it safe to travel in Pakistan? Now it is very common question among travelers from different regions who are interested to visit Pakistan.

The answer is very simple yes and no. Its depend on many factors. for example 
  • Where are you going? Big cities? villages? remote areas/ tribal areas in Pakistan?
  • What are you doing?
  • Do you have an eye on news? Big travel websites like lonely planet, wiki travel always give alert if any security issue in any country.
  • Do you respect local culture and traditions?
  • Do you respect other religions?
No place in whole world is safe. if you are an avid traveler you knows about that. it is very useless to see news on international media before traveling to Pakistan anywhere because news and newspaper always shows the different pictures due to many political reasons and benefits. if you want to get latest information and security issues than Travel forums of websites and couch surfing forums are really great for this purpose. 

Or you can also contact person who recently visit Pakistan. everyday a lot of person travel Pakistan who explore its beauty, unique history and architect. They spread positive words on different websites like Lonely planet, virtual tourists and CS.

No doubt Baluchistan (Province of Pakistan), FATA, tribal areas/remote areas and some parts of NWFP are dangerous places for foreigners even for a Pakistani nationals. so avoid them to visit. i write about all places province vise which are famous among locals and foreigners. all can visit without any fear. click on link to see about these places places to see in Pakistan

Try to take help of locals. Pakistani people are hospitable they feel pleasure to help foreigners. and take tips to travel. 

Don't involve in any religious gathering or talking.

Pakistanis are very strictly follow religion particularly middle class families. wears cloths which covers your whole body. women should wear a dupatta (A long cloth for Cover head), which is a scarf used by local females to cover their head.
Pakistani women don't like hugging or hand shake with men. so don't try to hug them and take pictures of women in bazaar or anywhere it is considered very bad. 
in other words you should know something about local culture.

At the end which is very important
minimize your fear. just get some information about any place or about security issues then head to destination. i found in this world about 95% people are good. fight with your innerself and don't afraid we will die when our time of life end. no one can harm us in this world without the permission of God.

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