There is no beauty anywhere in the world.

Fairy meadows Pakistan

i think It was june of 2007 when I met a friend who recently came back from Murree (A beautiful hill station) near Islamabad. He had plan to spent two days. He Told me that I was in Murree for two days I heard a lot about but I don't think its very beautiful, whats there everywhere greenery and mountains but nothing to see.

I was shocked because Murree is considered beautiful and busiest hill station in Pakistan. i thought that what he saying he had not eyes that can see the beauty of mountains, fresh air, sceneries and some precious moments when we far away from stress full day to day life.

A friend who is with me on job. He told me why Lahore city attracts so many people . What is here everyone is saying Lahore city has a lot of attractions. 
What to see here? Whenever I plan to hiking tour my My friends says Why you put yourself in trouble you have to go very far from home. A lot of traveling then hiking and trekking. 

Which things is not here in city enjoy here with friends. And what is there in mountains and other cities. Give time to your family and friends. you should save money you have gone  mad . You always spend money on that things which is not essential. 

A lot of comment that I have to face for my traveling. everyone says one tour in a year is OK but you think every time about wandering. So people don't like to travel more And in their opinion one tour in a year is ok. Wandering, exploring, diverse culture does not much attract them and traveling, tours, exploring, diverse culture is nothing for them. if they get chance to travel they prefer group of friends for fun.

OK I totally agreed with every one really There is no beauty anywhere in the world. I hear a lot of comments about my passion and my answer is every-time one and only. There is no beauty any where in the world but in some one eyes. as i thought Beauty is always in some one eyes.  Which made places beautiful. 

if you have eyes that can admire the beauty of God then beauty is every where. every place is interesting. everything may becomes interested for you, every culture give you a new lesson for your life. Many people interested in animals but for me its boring. So I enjoy very much whenever I see other places, when I go for hiking, exploring new places and diverse cultures. diverse culture always attracts me. so at the end i know nothing is beautiful in this world but our eyes makes the places great.

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  1. Yes Parbati. i have also heard a lot about Nepal nature. if i get chance to visit Nepal sure i will exlpore Unique Nepal. Thanks for your time.