17 inch screen cinema

17 inch screen Cinema

Bigger screen of Cinemas and high quality sound attracts us. we all love to see movies in Cinemas. Now a days Cinemas has approximately 400 inch bigger screen with beautiful environment, small cafes and very comfortable seats. 

Is there any cinema exists which bigger screen is 17 inch? This seems non sense. Are we going to hundred years back?

How about a cinema of 17 inch screen instead of 400 inch bigger screen. Hard benches and just a rough look big hall with out paint, smelly area, and fragrance of smoke everywhere instead of comfortable chairs, cinema hall, and beautiful environment. Yes these type of Cinemas exists here in middle class and old areas of Lahore Pakistan where people come for seeing latest movies and cup of tea. 

Basically it’s a tea stall shop where owner arrange big hall, TV and benches and the Cinema is ready. 

The screen of these type of Cinemas is just 17 inch bigger. it’s a TV of 17 inch screen instead of large LCD screen.  

And the ticket price of cinema? Nobody can imagine it is cheapest. just in 15 PKR instead of 350 or 400PKR. Just order a tea and enjoy movie. 
So welcome here in middle class areas and old Lahore where the ticket of cinema just the price of a cup of tea and the amount of the cup of tea is 15PKR. In this small area you can see a full movie just in little amount.

In every country and city a lot of entertainments for poor people and riches. So this is the cinema of poor people.

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  1. Really? this type of cinemas exists?