some strange pictures telling great stories.


Here are some strange pictures telling great stories. i always love to take them in my memories so often i take pictures from my cell phone camera. To quote a very popular new media photographer Chase Jarvis – “The best camera is the one that’s with you. So i m always wait for a great memory.

Baby is taking shower
I captured this photo while i was on my bike. In this pictures Some villagers are busy to give shower their children near the canal Laliani which is very near Lahore city.

Lets Guessss?

Here are some people who always live in one place at the Darbar(A place where saints buried). They are and their whole family totally dependent on people donations. i wonder how they live?
Both are brother and my neighbors. our child life always has great memories. in this picture younger brother is owner of a donkey and this is just like a game.

It is traditional jewellery for men in Pakistan. The user of this Jewellery are only villagers.  

I took this photo while i was in bus even in our country taking the photo of women considered very bad. i feel sympathy for her. poorness shows from her face.

Traditional Musicians who sing only at Darbars (A place where Saints buried). Darbars are considered religious places. They expecting some donations while i was taking pictures.

It is a area where nomads live near Lahore city. i wonder how they can live like this because they are living very near to big city Lahore where people live in big houses with cars and money.

A view which is reflecting the simple living style of Pakistani villagers. 

Its just like a fridge in Naran NWFP bazaar. Locals make a hole which is filled with tape water which keeps all cold drinks cold. Actually tap water comes from mountains which is melting water of ice on mountains.

  It is a leaf of walnut tree. Locals of Mansehra NWFP region used it as tooth past. One man told its very useful for teeth while my journey to Shogran.

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